Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics describes the minimum standards of conduct and behaviour that Zavést Limited expects of its directors, business owners and contractors in all of their business dealings.

The purpose of the Code is to protect and promote Zavést's values by promoting ethical and responsible conduct. In doing this, Zavést enhances its own and its instructing clients reputation.


Zavést's relationships with its clients is founded on one key value:

  • Commitment to our clients; providing them with outstanding service in a timely and professional manner.

1 Conflicts of interest

Personnel must avoid situations where their personal interests interfere or appears to interfere with the interests of Zavést or a client of Zavést.

Business owners or contractors must not undertake investigations whereby a belief could be formed that an instructed investigator's involvement has some personal or intimated personal interest in the event or subject under investigation.

2 Confidentiality

Business owners and contractors must endeavour to protect the confidentiality of all non-public information they become privy to during the course of an investigative assignment.

Confidential information must not be divulged to a third party except where expressly authorised by law or by consent of the subject of the information.

3 Legal Compliance

Compliance with all statutory and contractual obligations is fundamental to Zavést's values and business.

Business owners and contractors will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Comply with and work within the requirements outlined in any contractual arrangement with a Zavést client.

4 Behaviours

The public perception of investigators providing investigative services to Zavést clients is important and can reflect on the perception of the client itself.

Business owners and contractors will:

  • Conduct Zavést assignments with honesty and integrity
  • Maintain its independence from instructing clients and highlight this independence when dealing with third parties
  • Act at all times within the values laid out in this Code of Ethics cornerstone document
  • Fundamentally treat all people with dignity and respect and in line with the laws of New Zealand
  • Not act in a way that could bring Zavést or their clients into disrepute.

5 Compliance With This Code

All Personnel should be familiar with this Code. Failure to comply with it may lead to disciplinary action and, in serious cases, dismissal or censure.

All business owners will be required to sign and adhere to this code.

6 Reporting concerns

Any person who becomes aware of a breach or suspected breach of this Code should report it to the specific client contract manager in the first instance.

Where necessary the complaint shall be investigated and reported to the other directors of Zavést.

Where a breach or suspected breach has occurred, which may impact on the business or public perception of a client, this breach will be brought to the client's attention at the earliest opportunity and all information relating to the matter shall be provided to the client.

7 Foundation document

Along with individual contracts this Code is a foundation and fundamental document to assist the business operation of Zavést.

It may be subject to change or review in a fluid business environment but adherence to it is a prerequisite for all business owners or contractors wishing to part of the Zavést group.

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